Globally in 2019

Fintech companies raised $135.7B across 2,693 deals
Largest fintech deals are M&A — sets new record of $97.3B
Cross-border M&A fintech investments remain high at $54.2B
Corporate venture capital affiliated fintech investment was robust at $16.7B across 553 deals

In the Americas in 2019

Fintech investment down slightly to $64.2B across 1,337 deals
Median M&A size in fintech tripled to $155M from 2018 figures
Venture capital fintech investment hit record high of $19.5B
Brazil sees new record of $860.9M in fintech funding

In the US in 2019

Fintech investment sets new high at $59.8B across 1,144 deals
Venture capital invested in fintech propelled to record $17.4B
Corporate venture capital in fintech surged to record $6.9B as volume slowed
M&A in fintech dropped slightly to $41.3B

In Europe in 2019

Fintech investment soared to record $58.1B driven by a mega deal
Venture capital funding in fintech sets new high at $7.2B
Corporate venture capital participation in fintech saw record high of over $3.3B
Top 10 fintech deals spread across 6 countries

In Asia Pacific in 2019

Fintech companies received $12.9B across 547 deals
M&A in fintech soared to record $4.1B as volume remains subdued
Top 3 fintech deals came from India, Australia and South Korea
Singapore saw 2nd highest tally ever in fintech venture capital investment